Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products legitimate and secure?

All of our products are genuine and reliable. You are 100% safe and secure with Cloud Storage Services from Google and Microsoft.

What is your contact?
Are you allowed to try the products before purchasing them?

We only allow customers to try G Suite Business and Office 365 ProPlus products within 24 hours.

Do you accept other payment methods?
Contact us and we can discuss about other payment methods. However, we mostly prefer PayPal and BTC, and you can buy Crypto quite easily here.
Do you offer any product's warranty?
We provide a lifetime warranty for G Suite Business and Office 365 ProPlus products. Other products will be warranted for at least 14 days.
Do you offer bulk orders?

Yes, contact us for bulk orders.

Do you allow reselling?
No, we do not allow reselling at this moment.


Our mission is offering our customers the best digital products with competitive pricing and a lifetime warranty. Especially, G Suite Business and Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise (Office 365 ProPlus) always get cheapest prices on Digital Market.

***Note: you should use the browser on your PC / Mac to be able to see the full details of the products, because if you use a mobile device you may experience some browser limitations.

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